Bootcamp Featuring Matt Astifan

Matt Astifan presents: How to Create Your Dream Career as a Social Media Director
... And Build the 6-figure, Freedom-Based Entrepreneurial Lifestyle You've Always Wanted!
June 30, 2016
Langara College
100 W 49th Ave, Vancouver
Room A 122b
30 June
At 7PM. Add to your agenda. Don't waste this unique opportunity
The Speaker
Matt Astifan is the Founder of Web Friendly and the Director of the Internet Mastermind
100 Seats
Hurry up!
we have limited space.

How many of you would like to have that "laptop lifestyle" everyone's been talking about?


You know, the kind of life where you can travel and work from anywhere in the world, or even stay at home and work in your underwear while still making money online to support a great lifestyle?


Do you want to see “behind the scenes” how a successful Digital Marketer is using Facebook to generate HIGHLY targeted leads and earning 10’s of thousands of dollars in the process?


Matt Astifan is the Founder of Web Friendly and the Director of the Internet Masterminds Meetup, the largest Internet marketing Meetup in the world with over 6000 members!

He’s been helping businesses profit from social media since 2009. And, in this bootcamp he will outline how you too can build a lucrative and low-stress business as a Social Media Director.

Matt has helped dozens of students quit their day jobs and become full time online entrepreneurs by offering high-value social media services. He’s even had successful marketers attend his classes and discover his unique customer-getting techniques, and then offer social media to their existing clients and earning 5 figure paychecks month over month!

This bootcamp is going to be packed with useful tips to help you achieve greatness as a Social Media Director.
Matt Astifan
Why Attend?

At this live bootcamp at Langara College you will discover how to:


  • Package your Social Media services so that you do not overwhelm your clients with too many options… this tactic alone will make getting clients dramatically easier

  • Create a reputation for providing REAL results by using “old school” advertising methods (yes, we’re going to go back to the methods used by legendary advertising expert, David Ogilvy)

  • An insider positioning trick that will increase your perceived value and allow you to CHARGE MORE for your services… and your clients will be happier to pay you business because of it!)

  • The number one reason aspiring Social Media Directors fail, and how to overcome it and create a lucrative 6-figure business that supports the lifestyle you want!

  • How to quit your job and create a lifestyle business where you can work where you want, when you want and make hella-lot more than you’re making in your job right now (we’re not talking about $1,000 to $2,000 a month - we’re talking about a livable income of $5,000 to $10,000 a month and higher)

  • You’re also going to learn the $10K Sales Process that Matt uses to close $10k+ project with just two 30 minute phone calls - Matt and his students have made 100’s of thousands of dollars using this system. You’ll learn about it at this one-time only event!

Is It For Me?
This bootcamp is specifically designed for two types of people. 
a) You’re starting a career in Social Media and want to find out how you can become a full time Social Media Director

b) You’re a marketing consultant that wants to offer Social Media to your existing clients
Stick around till the end, because understanding that last piece will really make a huge impact on your ultimate success.
When you attend this event, you'll also get instant access to “4 STEPS TO SOCIAL MEDIA PROFITS - No Lose Street Smart Strategies To BOOST Your Business with Social Media” Online Training Program absolutely FREE of charge. (Valued at $47.00 – YOURS FREE)
Main Topics
Social Media Service Package
Good Reputation Building
Perceived Value Increasing
How To Not Fail
Building The 6-Figure
Employee Vs Entrepreneur
A New Lifestyle Business
The $10K Sales Process
Free Gift for Attending
Part of the proceeds collected will be donate to the Canadian Red Cross - Alberta Fires Appeal
The people of Fort McMurray, Alberta have experienced a natural disaster of unimaginable proportions. Wildfire displaced tens of thousands in a city-wide evacuation, hundreds of buildings have been destroyed, and a hard-working, tight-knit community has been left to wonder how they will rebuild. Let's help them!
Coffee Break
4 Steps to Social Media Profits Program
At The Event
Coffee Break
4 Steps to Social Media Profits Program
Where and When?
Langara College
Room A 122b
June 30

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